Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Streetceos Reality TV Show?

    STREETCEOs reality TV is designed to give Tech-startup founders a platform to network with panels of VCs and Angel investors PITCHING IDEAS. A 24hrs reality TV Tech-Startup academy for the African ecosystem but plans is for it to be duplicated globally.

  • What Language Are Available?

    Globally accepted English Language.

  • I have technical problem, who do I email?

    Send complaint to:

  • Can I have a username that is already taken?

    NO, as you’re only approved one username.

  • How Do I make the most use of STREETCEOs Reality TV Show?

    STREETCEOs Reality TV Show will be available on both IPTVS and Cable Satellites. There shall be updates on various channels mode and we advise to always be on a watch out.

  • Is STREETCEOs Reality TV Show Free?

    NO it’s on a paid subscription mode. But there shall be free alights on daily programs.

  • “Join other founders, entrepreneurs, investors and many other people that gets insider information first. ”

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