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Africa has very talented youths with game changing innovative concepts. Be that as it may, the harsh eco-system has been a militating factor for maximizing potentials making it very difficult to shine. The Government is trying but limited because they don’t have the right work frames to sense the yearnings and aspirations of her youth. Despite programs put up that you still need capital to access government loans and also this part of our world; GRANTS are not given much emphasis as a major catalyst of helping youths harness for National building, let alone the financial institutions that are not helping matters with unreasonable high interest payment rates and collaterals making it even more difficult to access loans.

Young African Startup Founders

The Whole Idea

STREETCEOs a 24hrs reality TV Tech-Startup academy for the African ecosystem but plans is for it to be duplicated globally. STREETCEOs reality TV is designed to give Tech-startup founders a platform to network with panels of VCs and Angel investors PITCHING IDEAS.

These Bi-annual events are an opportunity to connect and see what experienced investors think of their startups and how it stands up to the competition.

Our programs bring together the best elements of the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley, leading tech corporations, disruptive startups, business incubators, R&D centers, venture capital firms, angel investors, service providers, universities and top industry experts.

Our Goals

  • To provide a networking platform for high-tech entrepreneurs coming to Africa from different countries and variety of ethnic backgrounds
  • To match cool start-up ideas with hot venture capital investors, Angel investors, corporate partners and help grow global companies
  • To educate, showcase and support entrepreneurs in Africa
  • To enhance all aspects of technology partnership between Africa and the World.

The Bigger Picture

STREETCEOs are using our platform as a meeting place for job hunting, quick consultation, startup ideas validation, funding search and many other social interactions.


OUR VISION: To kick-start the Africa Startup Nation.

MISSION: To empower 10 Startups /5 Runner Ups for each Season


LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya.

KICK-OFF: Starting June, 2019.

Target Participants

  • NERDS/MILLENIAS that are scratching the surface i.e. got already the design template of concept; but lack funding setting up ideas.
  • The Startup Junkie that got very crazy concepts, already setup but needed to take it to the next level of it being monetized.


  • Groups- 2 persons per startup
  • Individual
  • Anyone can register (they don't have to be university graduates or highly educated, or even have an existing enterprise of their own).

Bootcamp Capacity

Accommodation for 25 successful candidates.

CEOs Hangout (Grand Finale Prep)


Already monetized startups that are looking for more funding and collaborations to boost their businesses to more productive and standard structure. This program also creates second chances for the evicted Housemates and also unsuccessful Tech Founders that registered on Portal; to network and also take advantage of opportunities the 3 days event presents.

Event Structure

  • Summit/Pitch/Exhibition
  • The last day is going to be grand finale of STREETCEOs clamored with activities
  • Awards
  • Cash prizes
  • Fund raising dinner night
  • Entertainment Fiesta
  • Endorsement deals (Government, Ads, Tech companies etc.)


Program Structure

  • 2 Month for registration on portal (Website) registration also includes a 5mins video/ 300 words presentation of concept.
  • 2 weeks of successful selection
  • 2 weeks of induction into boot camp
  • Academy is to run for 8 weeks i.e. 60 days of aggressive activities at boot camp
  • Master Class
  • The Tech VCs and Angel investors will act as Judges
  • Every week there shall be two pitching i.e. from selected groups and individual
  • CEOs that are global influencers and rain makers will be invited to boot camp weekly to motivate house mates. (Drawn from business executives both in Africa/Globally).
  • Extra-curricular activities: Psyche games/Task
  • Every week there shall be eviction of 2 housemates and it shall run for 5 weeks.
  • The first, fourth (1st 4th ) and Last week shall be grace period (NO EVICTION).
  • The last week there shall be no eviction as we already got 15 candidates left to know the best 10 startups.
  • While the 5 runner ups will also get equal grants/mentorship for 6 months.

Rules Of Engagement

House mates are responsible for their feeding/chores i.e. weekly stipends shall be giving to test their leadership, innovative, multi-tasking, money management, persistence and behavioral tendencies etc.

The Whole Idea: The boot camp is a training ground and not for spree. But also STREETCEOs ANGELs will be giving surprises to house mates weekly.

Eviction Rules Dynamics: ZERO TOLERANCE to Hate Speeches, Fighting and Stealing

  • “Join other founders, entrepreneurs, investors and many other people that gets insider information first. ”

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